All things considered, Mega Man has been having a pretty good year. I mean, yes, the ongoing comic book series from Archie was canceled back in December, ending 2015 on a pretty down note, but with the release of the Legacy Collection --- which brought all seven Mega Man games from the NES era back to current-generation consoles - 2016 is looking up.

Now, there's another reason for Mega Fans (sorry) to celebrate: Sentinel Toys just announced the release of a new line of fully articulated 4" action figures, and they look awesome. And not only will the classic Mega Man be showing up, but his virus-busting counterpart from Mega Man Battle Network is along for the ride, too.



The Mega Man figure will come with an interchangeable face and hands --- including, of course, his signature Mega Buster arm cannon --- along with a display stand that, among other things, will allow you to pose him in his "jump" animation and pretend that you're stuck on the awesome slow-motion effect you could get by jumping through the boss doors at the end of each level. And honestly, if you didn't jump through the boss doors to get that effect, then I don't think we will ever understand each other as people.

As for MegaMan.exe, he comes with a similar array of accessories, although what he lacks in open hands he more than makes up for in having a sword:



The figures should be on sale in Japan in August (and presumably at import retailers shortly therafter), with pre-orders opening up on April 18. They're definitely pricey at $40 each --- a full $10 per inch! --- but for Mega Man fans, they're awesome enough to justify the price.

In addition to these two, Sentinel also has plans to continue the line in the future, with more Battle Network figures announced, along with Rush Armor Mega Man and Cutman from the main series.