It's too early to say much about Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy's upcoming three issue mini-series from Vertigo except that the two preview pages that popped up today on Vertigo's Graphic Content blog look pretty darn cool. After all, this sneaky preview is pretty much the first thing we've heard about the series, which is slated to drop this January.

The title evokes images of another proud barbarian (no, not Barack - Conan), but judging by the black and white pages of a young boy coming home from school to a loft full of action figures, I'm guessing the title is perhaps more symbolic than literal. Of course, given Morrison's imaginative takes on "Animal Man," his "Seven Soldiers" series and his work on last summer's "Final Crisis," readers pretty much unanimously understand that this could all change in the space of three panels...or less.

Story speculation aside, Murphy's black and white art sets a pretty clear tone and from what we can see, the titular character has fine taste in toys. Is that a Gundam on that shelf?