As a fairly irregular "Smallville" viewer, I admit I usually go for guest-star bait. The novelty of seeing some of my favorite characters in live action typically holds my attention for the full length of the episode, even if I sometimes question the time investment (I could have been reading comics!). Thanks to the writing of Geoff Johns and the multiple clips we've seen thus far regarding "Smallville: Absolute Justice," however, I think I'll actually be able to enjoy a solid two-hours of the series without any real agony.

In a new clip at DC's The Source, we get our first real look at the fate of the Golden Age Sandman. His costume is impressively comics accurate, which is nice even though the character's fate may be less than enthralling for fans.

Fortunately Hawkman, Stargirl and Doctor Fate still seem ready to fight the JSA way. Maybe they can even convince Clark to wear some primary colors?

Head over to The Source to give it a view and see what you think.