Telltale Games' latest episode of its behind-the-scenes "Playing Dead" series features more than mere The Walking Dead videogame footage teasers this week. In addition to its making-of-the-game content, which includes an interview with TWD comic co-creator and series writer Robert Kirkman, there's also several minutes of gameplay (from the Xbox 360 version of the game, judging by the controls). It's nice to finally see new protagonists Lee Everett and Clementine in action -- not only to see how the game deals with tense zombie combat, but also to see how the title's decision-based gameplay fleshes out Lee's past and how that will affect his relationships with his fellow survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Watch two fairly substantial bursts of footage from The Walking Dead game after the jump.

The first gameplay bit that starts at roughly seven minutes into the segment showcases what's sure to be one of the episodic game's many basic puzzles. At about 11:50 into the vid, things get considerably more intense, however, as players have to fend off a flesh-eater. Telltale's managed to fuse simple tasks like properly orienting a few batteries in a portable radio and deftly defending yourself from a zombie into a cohesive-looking experience so far. Like Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard's comic and its AMC TV adaptation, it also plays with how important information is among a group of surviving humans by giving them the chance to balance the truth, lies and perhaps a convenient blend of the two in conversation to steer the outcome of their adventure.

See what you think of the new gameplay footage from Telltale's upcoming The Walking Dead game below:

[Via Joystiq]

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