Kids' entertainment network Nickelodeon has announced a 26-episode order for new animated series from a pair of cartoonists who might seem unlikely on first blush. Pig Goat Banana Cricket, about four friends who happen to be a pig, a goat, a banana and a cricket, comes from the minds of alternative cartoonists Johnny Ryan and Dave Cooper.

Cooper is perhaps best known to comics readers as the creator of Bent, Suckle, and the Harvey and Ignatz award-winning Weasel, while Ryan is famous for his Angry Youth Comix and Prison Pit series - and infamous for his abrasively old school approach to underground comix intended to "shock" sensitive readers. Perhaps in recognition of Ryan's controversy-baiting reputation, Nickelodeon has billed him in its press release as "J. Ryan."

However, Ryan and Cooper also share a pseudonym, Hector Mumbly, under which guise they have worked for Nickelodeon extensively in the past, creating stories for Nickelodeon magazine, which ran from 1993-2007. On that basis, the self-styled "number-one entertainment brand for kids" probably knows exactly what it's getting into.

You can also get an idea what to expect from the show by checking out the pilot from animator Nick Cross. However, the series was originally called Pig Goat Banana Mantis, so who knows what's changed since then. (Probably the mantis).



Pig Goat Banana Cricket will be written by Ryan and executive producer David Sacks, with art direction from Cooper.

Nickelodeon also announced a 26-episode order for Bad Seeds, an animated series about a well-mannered bird and his wild new friends, from former Spongebob Squarepants writer c.H. Greenblatt.


Pig Goat Banana Cricket

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