Ever since Jay Pavlina created his Flash game mash-up Super Mario Bros. Crossover, fans have been clamoring to see even more of their favorite video game characters show up in the Mushroom Kingdom. Sadly, some characters just weren't going to make the cut. Pavlina provided a list of those who had to be cut from the game's release, folks such as Luigi, Ryu Hayabusa from "Ninja Gaiden," and the battle tank SOPHIA from "Blaster Master."

This saddened some folks of course. I myself was deeply disappointed that Ryu wouldn't be showing up, as I was always a big fan of the "Ninja Gaiden" games and mythology and hey, let's face it, who wouldn't want to see a ninja messing up anthropomorphic mushrooms and evil turtles?

But now my disappointment has been lifted. Hayabusa has been removed from the "no go" list and is rocking out his sword and ninja skills against the forces of the evil Bowser.

You can catch him in all his star-throwing glory after the jump. Now if only they would turn this game into a live-action HBO mini-series, my life would be complete.

[Via Kotaku]

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