On sale now is Northlanders #37, beginning the "Siege of Paris" storyline. Illustrated by Simon Gane (Dark Reign: A New Orleans Story) with color by Dave McCaig and covers by Massimo Carnevale, this latest three-part tale from Brian Wood retells what Vertigo calls a relatively unsung chapter in Viking history. Set against a dramaticaly unmatched battle, the story looks to be another in a run of consistently entertaining and genuinely moving Northlanders tales.

"This is the book I increasingly feel I was born to write, and is so completely tied into my identity as a creator," Wood wrote on his blog. "And based solely on the incredible range and diversity of the artists we've had on the series, there is nothing else like it out there."


Written by BRIAN WOOD



A new storyline kicks off with "The Siege of Paris!" This is a grunt's-eye view of the famous event, a relatively unsung chapter in Viking history, where hundreds defended against thousands, and political maneuvering was as important as the clash of the shield wall. Featuring the gorgeous art of Simon Gane (DARK RAIN: A NEW ORLEANS STORY).

On sale FEBRUARY 9 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US MATURE READERS

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