With Should I Be Reading… ?, ComicsAlliance hopes to offer you a guide to some of the best original ongoing comics being published today. This week, we’re focusing on fantasy comics as part of a week of articles looking at the very best in the genre.

Oglaf is a sex comedy webcomic set in a world created by shoving every existing fantasy world into a blender and setting it on puree. There's no overall plot, but many recurring characters and storylines, all in service to some of the funniest smut on the web. 




One of the main recurring plots follows the ever-horny apprentice of an evil, magical queen whose... um… bodily secretions have been cursed to become animate and report to her whenever he... uh... engages in self-pleasure. Yeah…

But what’s it about? Lots and lots and lots and lots of different things.



Okay, imagine the funniest geek you know tried really hard to write magical porn, but they couldn’t stop it from being laugh out loud funny. That’s Oglaf. While there’s no exact overarching story, there are a ton of recurring characters, themes, places, and even angry evil Gods.

Oglaf takes the world of fantasy --- every single bit of it --- empties it into a big bucket, and adds a generous dose of dirty jokes.


Creators Trudy Cooper and Doug Bayne worked together on the self-published comic Platinum Grit. Doug Bayne is also known for his work on Australian television, such as Double the Fist.




Finding good quality smut is hard. Most of it is gross, degrading, or just Rule 34 of someone else’s characters. Oglaf is different. It's sexy, dirty, funny, smart, and wonderful. Most porn comics go for the goal of being as sexy as possible, foregoing characterization and even pleasure. Oglaf, as dirty as it is, somehow manages to be one of the lightest and most upbeat comics filled with sex that you’re ever likely to find.


People who aren’t easily offended by all manner of fantastical sex, blasphemous gods, or satirical magic quests. Those who like their sexy to be mixed with a bit of funny. Fans of both Oh Joy, Sex Toy and Lord of the Rings.




You can get the first two collections on Amazon and the webcomic updates every Sunday at Oglaf.com. Note that clicking on that link may take you directly to an image that is not safe for the workplace!

If you think Oglaf looks great, but you’re not into the risqué, head on over to the Archive page. It includes brief notes if the comic is safe, mostly safe, or ultra-safe for work! That way you can enjoy the comedy without seeing any of the smut!