DC Comics released the above preview image by artist Toby Cypress for its new Omega Men series, and it confirms a few things: One that, the series will clearly be pretty trippy, and two, that the end is here.

The third thing would seem to be that this is a very different group of Omega Men than any that readers have met previously.

The sentiment that "the end is here" matches one found at the end of a 10-page preview story by the new book's creative team of writer Tom King and artist Barnaby Bagenda, published along with a bunch of others (including Starfire, Detective Comics and Prez) on DC's blog on Wednesday under the Divergence banner.

That story introduces a group of Omega Men that seem to be operating with a certain degree of zealotry, and it hits some pretty clear hot buttons with its imagery of a hostage being videoed in front of a flag by his captors. (In this case, the hostage is Kyle Rayner.)

Many of the characters are the same. Previous Omega Men members Primus, Tigorr and Broot all appear in the 10-page story. The attitude, however, is very different.

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of the Omega Men, they started as a ragtag group of renegades brought together to fight the oppressive Citadelian regime in their home system, Vega. They also serve as de facto peacekeepers, because the Green Lantern Corps is barred from Vega System space.

A modified team, simply called the Omegas, has appeared in New 52 continuity. Their main goal was to take down Lobo (who originally appeared in the first Omega Men series) for enslaving their parents. This...does not appear to be that.

If you're wondering who the figure is at the bottom of the image; we are too. Give us your best guesses in the comments.

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