Otis Frampton's takes on fantasy, sci-fi and superheroes should pleasure the eye tastebuds of all the Earthworm Jim and DC: The New Frontier fans out there. Frampton's got a solid Doug TenNapel meets Kazu Kibuishi look to his work, which encompasses a pair of webcomics called Escape from Planet Nowhere and The Song of Xanthia, as well as a trove of beautiful commissions.Those commissions can be viewed on OtisFrampton.com, and they are guaranteed to delight you with Frampton's casual machismo, teenage hijinks and imaginative design work. His portraits of the X-Men and Teen Titans (reminiscent of Karl Kerschl's Year One issues) are especially fun.

His commissions span a wide range of genres and characters, including Star Wars, Universal Monsters and even Alien. If there's ever a Battlestar Galactica animated series, the producers (in addition to securing the voice talents of Edward James Olmos, of course) should most definitely look this guy up for their art direction needs.