What's the best possible news to cap off the first week of 2012? News from IDW Publishing's Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall that Parker: The Score is set for release this May. The book is the third in cartoonist Darwyn Cooke's hugely acclaimed comics adaptations of the novels by Donald Westlake aka Richard Stark, chronicling the stylishly gritty adventures of the eponymous Parker, a ruthlessly efficient career criminal with a penchant for, among other things, settling scores. Ryall's announcement comes with an all-new teaser image by Cooke that you can check out below.

IDW recently collected Cooke's first two Parker graphic novels -- The Hunter and The Outfit -- in the "Martini Edition," an extremely luxurious slipcased hardcover whose size exceeds that of even DC Comics' popular Absolute Editions. The book was listed in ComicsAlliance's Holiday Gift Guide, and the graphic novels are sold separately as well.

For more on IDW's Parker, check out Tucker Stone's in-depth interview with Darwyn Cooke.

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