Agent Phil Coulson, arguably the most beloved character in the whole of the Marvel movieverse, is a frequent point of conversation when talking about the May 1, 2015 premier of The Avengers 2 - and if you've seen The Avengers movie, you know why. Now, user bhsfx at the RPF boards has posted a handsome bust applying Coulson actor Clark Gregg's likeness to the synthezoid known as Vision. It's a long shot to imagine Ultron's "son" showing up in The Avengers 2 considering Hank Pym (Ultron's own creator) has yet to surface in a Marvel movie, but if Edgar Wright's Ant-Man movie eventually gets off the ground, it's possible Vision could pop up later on down the road in some capacity. Sure, there'd be little reason for Vision to look like Gregg, but this awesome art will at least inspire some fun fan conspiracy theories while we wait for future Marvel films. You can see the sculpture up close after the jump.

[Via CBM, The RPF]

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