Disney has released a new theatrical trailer for Wreck-It Ralph, the CG-animated feature out November 1 that follows a Donkey Kong-like protagonist as he seeks to abandon his fated role as a video game villain and pursue a more heroic identity elsewhere... which unfortunately could spell doom for the citizens of his old game. While similar to the first trailer in many regards, this version further fleshes out just why the titular hero's decision to leave his game is so dangerous: If he doesn't return, the game will be unplugged (and, you know, kill everybody in it). Perhaps more important than all that, however, is that the new trailer features even more cameos by some of the most iconic real video game characters from Nintendo, SEGA, Capcom, Namco Bandai and more -- many of whom have starred in prominent comic book tie-ins over the years. Hit the jump to see more Wreck-It Ralph footage in action.

[Via Yahoo]

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