The first trailer for Disney's CG animated Wreck-It Ralph has been released, giving the internet a chance to see what looks very much like a kind of Toy Story -- or perhaps even Who Framed Roger Rabbit -- for video games, which is a wonderful thing, especially when it comes with so many cameos from iconic gaming characters including Like an existential version of Tron that's more fun to watch, Wreck-It Ralph asks the simple question "What happens when a bad guy decides that he doesn't like his job anymore?" The answer, as hinted at in the trailer, seems to involve personal growth, jumping into other video games and all manner of celebrity voice actors (Besides John C. Reilly in the title role, there's also Sarah Silverman! And Jane Lynch!). More importantly, it also includes a therapy group for bad guys who aren't really that bad, including Bowser from the Super Mario games, Street Fighter's M. Bison and Zangief, Sonic the Hedgehog's Dr. Robotnik/Doctor Eggman and Pac-Man's ghostly nemesis Clyde, among others (Who knew that Resident Evil's Zombies could be so insightful...?)

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Considering that so many of these characters have made appearances in comic books in the past -- Although I can't believe that there's never been a Pac-Man comic yet; maybe when the animated series debuts? -- it's surely only a matter of time before Ralph realizes that comic books offer a much greater potential for redemption from countless days of villainy. In fact, considering the Disney/Marvel relationship, if Ralph plays his cards right, he could end up a member of the Avengers... or at least a hero with his own comic adventures.

Wreck-It Ralph will arrive in theaters on November 1.

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