In this week's episode of War Rocket Ajax, we welcome Jason Aaron back to the show to talk about his new work with Esad Ribic on Thor: God of Thunder! Plus, he talks Wolverine and the X-Men and more, and this time, he's not in danger of dying due to a gas leak. You can listen to the whole show right here at ComicsAlliance!War Rocket Ajax #138: Religion, Pork and College Football with Jason Aaron

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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In this week's episode, Chris is under the weather and Matt is exhausted from writing a book, but we're still powering through to tell you all about how we like skateboards and cartoons. It's what we do.

When Jason Aaron joins us, the conversation turns to the themes of religion that run through a lot of his titles:

That's one of the major themes of everything I've done. Even if you go back to the little eight-page Wolverine story that I did as a talent search winner back in 2002, it was very much this gritty little character piece that was about faith and religion.

I grew up in Alabama. I grew up in the Deep South, which is very much like being born into a cult in a lot of ways, and I say that as someone who loves the fact that I was born in the South. But growing up in the South, I was raised Southern Baptist. You grow up with religion and pork and college football, and that's all you know for most of your life. I still love two of those things. So I grew up with faith and religion as a big part of my life, until I got to be 19 or 20 in college and just got to a point where it didn't make sense for me anymore, and I didn't buy into it. I've been an atheist for many years, but I've remained fascinated by religion. If anything, I've become more fascinated by religion and faith after I lost mine.

Find out how that shaped his work in this week's episode!

Show Notes:

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