Believe it or not, Con Season is almost upon us once again, which means that everyone in the world of comics is gearing up. For a lot of people, that means putting the finishing touches on their awesome and elaborate costumes, but what about those of us who want the fun and excitement of cosplaying, but lack the talent and dedication to really pull it off? Are we to be stuck in t-shirts and jeans forever?

Finally, there is a solution. The always fantastic Patrick Dean has started up a new project called "My Half-Assed Cosplay Ideas," where he draws low-rent, low-budget versions of your favorite heroes and villains (and a few pretty obscure characters) that can be cobbled together quick for your next convention or costume party. Check out a few of our favorites below!











I'm not sure if there's anything funnier to me right now than "draw a bunch of question marks on shoes and socks, see if I care," but referring to Animal Man's Members Only jacket as being "like your dad would wear" (accurate) is a close second. For more, check out Dean's website!