When's the last time you got six art books for five bucks?

Well, here's your chance. Portland, Oregon-based Periscope Studios' new Kickstarter, "Maiden Voyage," offers six 32-page art books by artists Erika Moen, Ron Randall, Paul Guinan, David Hahn, Natalie Nourigat and Ben Dewey, and all donors have to contribute to get PDFs of all six is a fiver. A $50 donation will even get contributors print copies of the six books. That is, provided the project meets its $25,000 funding goal.


Each artist also has his or her own incentive. With $55 comes an omnibus of Randall's Trekker. $75 will get you both print volumes of Moen's webcomic DAR. For $85, Nourigat will draw you a movie-review comic strip. $150 gets donors a piece of original art from Hahn. A $200 donation means a huge collection of books by Guinan. And $500 gets you an extra-special commission from Dewey.

So far the Kickstarter has achieved roughly 14% of its total funding with 29 days left to go until its December 19 backer deadline.

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