Baltimore's vampires are doomed. Van Jensen and Dustin Higgins' original graphic novel "Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer" (which you can take a look at via our exclusive preview here) drops later this month, and in support of the pending release, Jensen will be appearing at this weekend's Baltimore Comic-Con, along with a wooden boy poised to destroy the undead.

Carved by Jensen's uncle, the likeness to Higgins' artwork is pretty impressive to say the least. Another fine detail? No strings!"Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer" is a title that pretty effectively sums up what the book is about. After Pinocchio's father Geppetto is murdered by vampires, the puppet sets out to destroy the creatures, which turns out to be a job he's fantastically suited for given his lie-powered regenerative wooden steak powers. One lie, instant vampire death.

Though the book won't arrive in stores until later this month, Baltimore attendees may have a chance to pick up a copy from Jensen himself. Just don't get too close to the puppet if you're participating in "Twilight" cosplay...

[via Robot6]

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