Tom Kenny is back as DC's most formidable acid-enriched superhero in new Plastic Man shorts set to debut as part of Cartoon Network's DC Nation block on March 3. Reprising his roles in 2006's Plastic Man animated pilot "Puddle Trouble" and several episodes of the recently concluded Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Kenny's approach is a pretty fun departure from his Sponge Bob and Super Hero Squad Show performances, though Plas behaves just as ridiculously as the other characters he's known for. You can catch the first preview of the revitalized Plas in action in a minute long clip from "Plastic Man in Super Hero Sketch Artist" that debuted recently on Nerdist after the jump. Unlike The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show, there's a distinct lack of Baby Plas, but we'll all just have to live that for now.

Plastic Man 1979 Cartoon Intro

[Via Nerdist]

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