Back in 2009, in an interview with, Max Bemis of Say Anything and Two Tongues mentioned that in addition to loving to read comics, he'd also started writing his own, "...but that probably won't get thrown into the public eye for a while because I'm a perfectionist." It appears he's perfected his concept because yesterday the writer announced the release of Polarity, a four-issue miniseries kicking off in April featuring interior art by Jorge Coelho and covers by Frazer Irving and W. Scott Forbes.

According to an interview at USA Today, Polarity is "loosely based on Bemis' own life and dealing with bipolar disorder" and manifests in the protagonist Timothy Woods, a Brooklyn-based artist in his early 20s who survives a car accident only to find that the medication he's been using to control his bipolar disorder until that point was actually blocking a set of supernatural powers.

Assistant editor Jasmine Amiri describes the book thusly at the Boom!Pen Tumblr:

It's a dark comedy about a man with bi-polar disorder who develops super powers as he descends into his mania. Kind of like bi-polar Spiderman, but with more pop-culture references.

In addition to writing the series, Bemis has recorded an original song to correspond with each issue, all of which can be downloaded via redeemable codes.

Polarity #1 will arrive in comic shops in April.

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