Following a short fever of rumor and speculation, filmmaker D.J. Caruso confirmed this week via Twitter that he is indeed directing a feature film adaptation of Preacher, the insanely ultra-violent, irretrievably vulgar and brilliantly hilarious Vertigo comic book series by Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon and Glenn Fabry.The director of such films as The Salton Sea, Disturbia and I Am Number Four indicated that he is "pretty f*cking pumped" to be working on the project, which we hope will be even half as engrossingly, well, gross and grim as its comic book source material, which tells the story of a man out to kill God.

But the sprawling and genuinely emotional narrative of Preacher is as epic as it is disgusting, and one can't help but feel some apprehension about Ennis and Dillon's masterpiece being put through the Hollywood ringer, especially with respect to the series' most controversial character: Arseface, the teenager who failed to blow his brains out in emulation of Kurt Kobain, but succeeded in making his face look like a giant a**hole.

However, Caruso earned points with us for reportedly refusing to allow a filmic adaptation of Vertigo's Y: The Last Man to be condensed into a single movie (although it is true that Caruso wanted the franchise-killer Shia LaBeouf to star), causing that project to get lost in some kind of limbo, so we are cautiously optimistic about the director's reverence (ha haaaa) for Preacher.

If you are a lapsed Preacher reader or new to the fold, the Vertigo classic is available in a series of trade paperbacks or, if you're really cool, some beautiful oversized hardcovers.

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