The final chapter of Mike Mignola and Duncan Fegredo's Hellboy arc may be concluding beginning with "Hellboy: The Storm" #1, but the "Darkness Calls" and "Wild Hunt" team clearly aren't going out with a whimper. Joined by colorist Dave Stewart, the trio are set to explore what happens when some historically important corpses wind up missing and how it connects to an ever-growing assembly of evil. It's the kind of scenario that could very well inspire an "Aw, crap" or two from Earth's greatest ally in the war against the end of all things.

Dark Horse's official solicitation info describes the first installment of the two-issue arc this way:

A terrible storm is brewing, bodies are missing from their tombs, and the forces of darkness gather against Hellboy for a final bloody showdown.

"Hellboy: The Storm" #1 is in stores on July 7. Read the four-page preview after the jump.

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