Created by Hyung Min-woo, Priest is a Korean comic book series about an immortal ex-priest on a quest for revenge against demonic forces who conspired to murder his sister as part of a gloriously convoluted-in-the-best-way plot involving fallen angels, zombies, lots of blood, infinite rage, soul-selling and ultra-violence that spans multiple time periods, notably a hyper-surreal version of the Wild West. It was published in North America by TOKYOPOP.

Directed by Scott Stewart, Priest is a film about Paul Bettany with a cross painted on his head as he wanders through an Old Westish setting to rescue his sister, who was kidnapped by vampires, because they live in a world where humans and vampires have lived through a terrible war and Priests were warriors in that war and now they're not doing much but it's still against the rules for any of them to leave their home even to rescue their sister from ex-Priest vampires like Karl Urban, who is a hunky vampire in a world of vampires for what we're certain is a legitimate creative adaptationy reason and totally not because vampire movies are so hot right now. It is opening in cinemas May 13 (in 3D!).

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