Not to be outdone by Stephen Colbert's "Archie Comics" #600 rant, Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" spotlighted an upcoming comic event when "Project Runway" host Tim Gunn appeared on last night's episode.

The interview focused on fashion, especially Gunn's super appearance in Marvel's upcoming "Models, Inc."

"It's phenomenal," said Gunn to an applauding crowd, "It was a dream I never even contemplated, I mean it would be unattainable at 56 that I would be a Marvel Comic hero - superhero."

Gunn will be fighting crimes against fashion in Marvel's renamed "Models, Inc.," a relaunch of the old school "Millie The Model," going so far as to wear Tony Stark's Iron Man armor.

"Son of a bitch," said Stewart in clear jealousy.

The comic drops next week, but fans can watch Gunn's full appearance after the jump...

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