Lately there have been a lot of cryptic cryptid headlines around the blogosphere alluding to the end of a "Proof" era. Well guess what? Just like that Smashing Pumpkins song that was in hilariously in both "Batman and Robin" and "Watchmen," the end Is the beginning is the end.

"While this season of 'Proof' is ending, the series is just beginning," writer Alex Grecian said in an official press release. "Not only do Riley [Rossmo, artist] and I have a couple of side projects such as his 'Cowboy Ninja Viking,' but 'Proof' takes a very big turn with issue #28. It's a natural place to take a short break. Rest assured we'll be back and when we start again nothing in 'Proof' will ever be the same."

As promotional as press release quotes tend to sound, Grecian and Rossmo's "Proof" is at a pretty good ending point after a string of story lines gets wrapped up in the upcoming issue #28 out in January, with a new season kicking off sometime in 2010.
Personally, I have zero beef with that tactic. After nearly three years, as a reader I'd rather have creators officially take a break and come back at me with something fresh rather than run something they're not 100 percent on into the ground for the sake of hitting deadlines (which these cats weren't doing, but you know what I'm saying, faithful readers). That applies to television and film franchises too. Give fandom a solid tale from start to finish - it's worth the wait.