If you have yet to discover "Proof," the Image Comics series from writer Alex Grecian and illustrator Riley Rossmo, then you're missing out on one of the most consistently bizarre, compelling and flat out entertaining books currently in the mix. It's a series that has accumulated a devoted following over the course of its 20+ issue run, with sculptor supreme Sean Viloria standing proudly among them.

Viloria, a self-described "multi-talented recording artist" living in Canada, has created a pair of sculptures in tribute to the world of "Proof" and its captivating main character, John "Proof" Prufrock. Viloria's fully-articulated Proof action figure stands at more than one foot tall, and while the dimensions for his Proof bust aren't currently listed, the details speak for themselves.

Beyond the current offerings, Viloria cryptically teases that "more characters [are] coming soon," which hopefully means an Elvis Chestnut action figure. I would buy that in a second!

Check out some photos of Viloria's sculptures after the jump.

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