Psychos rejoice! On Thursday, July 2, "Punisher: No Mercy" will be available for download exclusively on the PlayStation Network for the slim price of $9.99 – the price of approximately three Punisher comics – perfect for even the light-pocketed mass murderer.

The first-person shooter stars everybody's favorite nihilist in multiplayer and tournament modes, as well as a story mode featuring illustrations by criminally-unappreciated artist Mike Deodato. And lots of killing.

The original "Punisher" game for the NES featured killing, but only in that overacted-Western movie way where the guy flies backward dramatically without showing any blood. That was twenty years ago. These are harder times, for harder men, and we need harder, more disturbing games to feed our 21st-century anxieties. Expect plenty of therapy session fodder.

"Punisher: No Mercy" is rated M. For "No Mercy."