Fantasy costume design is a tough gig. High fantasy still has its bland medieval trappings (even if Game of Thrones does a beautiful job with its costume design), steampunk can be tricky to assemble into more than a stew of corsets and gears, and sometimes anime-flavored biopunk can turn even the most minor character into a mess of hair and spikes. Rachael Hunt pulls from a variety of sources for her fantastical illustrations and concept designs: Northern European pagan cultures, the Mediterranean Middle Ages, with plenty of modern fashions thrown in for good measure. Some of her characters wear fashions that wouldn't be out of place in the Adventure Time post-apocalypse, but the designs are wholly Hunt's own.
Hunt is a freshly minted graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art, and currently works as an illustrator and concept artist. She posts her latest pieces at her Tumblr, but be warned: it's filled with mouth-watering desserts. But if you'd prefer to see to see her artwork sans the food porn, you can check out her portfolio site.