If you're a fan of Medicom's MAFEX line, you know it's been doing some good things with the DC Cinematic Universe license. Well, at least as far as Batman is concerned. We've gotten a few different Christian Bale Batman figures, as well as a handful of Heath Ledger Jokers and a lone Anne Hathaway Catwoman to round out the group. The DC portion of MAFEX line will continue in 2016 with the just-announced Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice series, which brings the new, dour incarnation of the Dark Knight to life alongside his Krytponian nemesis, Party Time Superman.

Seriously, have you seen the Man of Steel Superman this excited before? He can barely contain the joy of becoming a highly-articulated import figure. More importantly, this is exactly the kind of thing you expect a farmboy with such a wholesome attitude (and who probably calls soda "pop") to do in a situation where he's supposed to be happy. You could easily argue that Superman is meant to be showing off his strength in that picture, but the only thing he's raising above his head is the roof.

Due out in July, both Batman and Superman will each be about 6" tall and run you around ¥5,500 (~$45). Each includes a figure stand and cloth cape, and it's worth noting that while Superman's remains pristine as the day he was wrapped in it back on Krypton, Batman's is a bit tattered at the edge. Whether that ruggedness comes from being left to rot in the Batcave or is just a testament to how horrible a tailor he is remains to be seen.

Both figures have some great detail in the bodies, with the textures from the Snyder-verse versions really popping. Whether you're a fan of that design choice or not, that kind of minutiae is often ignored in favor of a easier-to-manufacture figure. Medicom's attention to that nuance is appreciated. I don't recall Superman's gauntlet and rib embellishments being quite so pronounced in the film, but they really stand out with the paint app being used here. Batman's tried-and-true gray and black looks just as you'd expect.

The curious issue comes in Superman's faces, which while mostly accurate, look a little bit like melted wax portraits. There's so much detail elsewhere, but the head sculpt is a little blobby for my tastes. It is still in prototype form, so perhaps it's something that will be fixed by the time it ships next summer.

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