Some missing swastikas aside, all is looking well with respect to the design of Captain America: The First Avenger. Everything we've yet seen of the Marvel Studios film is in keeping with the kind of true-to-form approach the producers developed for the two Iron Man movies and the forthcoming Thor (some "anachronistic" casting choices notwithstanding, obviously), even some of the more outlandish elements. To wit: a man with a big red skull for a head. In the realm of exaggerated comic book illustration, villain Johann Schmidt's bright red head and face seem perfectly plausible, but one has to wonder what actor Hugo Weaving might look like in the flesh, as it were. Well, some newly revealed conceptual art from Captain America: The First Avenger has put us at ease, as it appears that the Red Skull will be as reddy and skully as we'd hoped.

You can check out the complete art after the jump, as well as an image of a pre-skullified Weaving and the Cosmic Cube, after the jump.
These images come to us via our colleagues at Moviefone, who credit Comic Book Movie with unearthing the material. The scan of Hugo Weaving comes from SFX Magazine.