As fans debate what superheroine should get a solo movie from Marvel Studios, it would appear that Sony is looking to beat the Disney superhero factory to the punch using a Marvel character.

According to a Deadline report, Sony Pictures is planning to release a movie in its Spider-Man franchise led by a woman, though it's not clear which character will be front-and center. The movie would see release in 2017.

Deadline has a few guesses as to whom the lead character might be: Silver Sable, Black Cat, Spider-Woman, and Firestar (whom they call Firestarter). They even pulled former Doctor Octopus lover and virtual reality fan Stunner out of their hat. An incarnation of Spider-Woman seems like the most obvious choice, especially with how visible Jessica Drew has been in the comics over the past decade or so. There's also always the chance that a Mary Jane movie could be in the works. She's headlined comics series before.

Spider-Girl was a pretty popular comic series, though there'd probably way too much backstory that would be required to make a May Parker film. Arana is an outside possibility, as would be police investigator Carlie Cooper.

The film is reportedly being written by Lisa Joy Nolan, whose credits are mostly for TV shows (Pushing Daisies and Burn Notice).

The movie would follow the 2016 entry into the Spider-Man franchise, writer/director Drew Goddard's Sinister Six movie. Amazing Spider-Man 3 is slated for 2018.

The last he spoke about having a movie led by a woman, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige said it was at least three or four years away. DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. is reportedly planning a Wonder Woman movie for 2017. The race is on.

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