Ape Entertainment announced at New York Comic Con on Saturday plans to return the classic Harvey Comics character Richie Rich to comic book shelves, but in a new incarnation imaged for modern audiences. While the character has been traditionally depicted as a warm-hearted young boy, the new Richie Rich will be a teenage adventurer, traveling the world to right wrongs with his enormous wealth.

From the official press release:

Part James Bond, Jr., and part Indiana Jones with Donald Trump's bank account, Richie Rich is an altruistic adventurer who travels the world helping the less fortunate. With his close-knit team of friends, including an updated I rona and a butt-kicking Cadbury, Richie is a hero for a new generation, acting as the voice for the underprivileged while putting his wallet and exceptional character to good use, spending some, but helping many.

The new Richie Rich is expected to debut in a comic released in early 2011 under Ape's KiZoic imprint.

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