With the release of last week's Batman #50, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's tenure as the creative team behind the Dark Knight's flagship title has come to an end. It was a run that had some of the biggest, weirdest stories in Batman's history, uprooting the history of Gotham City, sending Batman's origin story through an apocalyptic disaster ruled over by the Riddler, and pitting Batman against an entire city full of Jokerized Gothamites. And, of course, it also gave us some pretty great covers from Capullo, Danny Miki and FCO Plascencia.

But if you ever looked at those covers and thought "Huh, I wonder what that would've looked like if it happened on Batman: The Animated Series," a thought I have about literally everything I see, then artist Rick Celis has your answer.

Starting back in February, Celis has began redrawing the covers for the entire run in the Bruce Timm/DC Animated Universe style, and they're fantastic. Check out a few of our favorites, side by side with the originals, below!



When he began the project, Celis included a note to Capullo with the first cover: "I’m sorry if I ruined your masterpiece ... this is may way of saying ‘I love your work.’” As for whether the apology is necessary, you'd have to ask Capullo about that, but I personally think that love comes through in each cover --- I'm particularly fond of how he made sure to match the colors for the logos throughout the run.

My favorite thing, though, is Celis's recreation of the Superheavy arc, where he keeps Animated Jim Gordon's ridiculously massive chin in place as he replaces Bruce Wayne in the role.

To see the whole set (and see them all at a larger size), check out Celis on Twitter and Tumblr!