Over the past couple of years, Rick Remender has done a pretty solid job of balancing his work for Marvel with creator-owned titles. In addition to his work on Captain America, he's launched Black Science with Matteo Scalera and Deadly Class with Wesley Craig and Lee Loughridge, and now, he and artist Greg Tocchini are reuniting for a new sci-fi series called Low.

The creators previously worked together on Marvel's critically acclaimed Uncanny X-Force, but Low takes their talents to a far-off future where a team of people need to journey from their sanctuaries under the ocean to recover a probe that could give them hope for a new planet from the blighted wasteland that is the Earth's surface.

As Remender says in a press release, the series is intended to be "a story about one woman's eternal optimism against the crushing weight of a world without hope," so if you're up for a cheery read about a post-apocalyptic blighted landscape and life under the literal and figurative pressure of an entire ocean and a dying humanity, this one's shaping up to be the feel-good title of the summer.

According to Image's official announcement, Low will launch with an extra-sized 30-page issue for $3.99 on July 30, with a Final Order Cutoff date of July 7. Check with your local retailer to see if it's necessary for you to wear the apple bottom jeans and the boots with the fur (with the fur) before you get Low.




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