Ripclaw Pilot Season #1 coverPress Release

Top Cow is pleased to announce that the inaugural issue of the Pilot Season 2007 promotion will be Ripclaw Pilot Season #1. Pilot Season 2007 is a series of six self contained one shot specials, each featuring a different established Top Cow character currently without a regular series. After all six issues have been released, fans will be given the opportunity to vote online to determine which two characters receive a series in 2008.

Ripclaw Pilot Season #1 features the founding member of Top Cow's original team Cyberforce in a unique light. The Top Cow Universe's resident badass enters the spotlight as he takes on Yakuza kingpin, Boss Yamamoto. But first he'll have to fight his way through level after brutal level of deadly gun-toting thugs and sword-wielding assassins. The genre mashing tale is written by Eisner nominee and Vertigo darling Jason Aaron (Scalped, The Other Side) and Marvel regular Jorge Lucas (Incredible Hulk, Annihilation: Ronin).This initial issue features an intense cover by Tony Moore (The Walking Dead, Exterminators) demonstrating why Ripclaw is not to be crossed.

"My goal with this book was to give Ripclaw a new direction and purpose, something that would be accessible to new readers," said writer Jason Aaron, "But at the same time, we haven't turned our backs on what made Ripclaw so popular to begin with: he's a guy with big claws, and those claws stay good and bloodied."

"Ripclaw is a complex character whose portrayals in the past haven't always shown that," commented Rob Levin, VP of Editorial for Top Cow. "Beginning with Jason's skillful characterization and an incredible story matched only by Jorge's insanely detailed art, we're going to changing some minds and cause a few double takes when people pick this book up off the shelf."

Ripclaw Pilot Season #1 is a 32 page full color comic with a suggested retail price of $2.99. Additional information regarding Pilot Season can be found at

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