There've been plenty of novelty Marvel television sets over the years, but most were designed for kids and featured small screens and a general lack of technological sophistication. Aiming to tap today's flastscreen market, RTC23 has released a line of LCD and LED HDTVs stylized after Marvel's stable of superheroes.

Billing the line as the "Ultimate Comic Fan's Television," each TV features a Marvel-themed frame and a special graphic that appears onscreen while the unit powers on. Most every Marvel icon is present and accounted for including the Avengers' "big three" plus Wolverine and the FF. Spider-Man's missing, however, which I'll foolishly assume has something to do with Sony holding his movie rights or something.

The designs stem from three categories: Retro, Heroes and Universe. Retro frames come in flat colors and sport classic comic book designs from the "Stan and Jack" era while the Universe and Heroes lines feature more contemporary artwork and flashier frames.

For sizing, prices and more info you can hit up RTC23's official site. So far all the standard sizes seem priced proportionate to a more generic equivalent, which brings out the optimist in me.

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