Ryan Browne's God Hates Astronauts has been one of my favorite webcomics ever since the opening scene, in which a team of superheroes battles against an army of boxing bears, and one of the superheroes gets punched in the face for sixteen straight panels. I'm not sure there could possibly be another comic as tailored to my tastes as that, but either way, it's one of the most enjoyable reads I had in a long time.

The series has been available online and in printed issues at conventions for a while, but this week, Browne launched a Kickstarter for The Completely Complete Edition, new version that's remastered and relettered with bonus minicomics and art from creators like Tom Fowler, Chris Burnham, Mike Norton and more!

Browne first mentioned a GHA kickstarter in an
interview we did back at New York Comic-Con, where he talked about his previous success funding the collection of his improv comic, Blast Furnace. According to the video above, Blast Furnace was the prototype, and it looks like doing a smaller version first paid off: God Hates Astronauts was fully funded in a single day.

It's easy to see why, too. in addition to the murderer's row of artists he has doing pinups, Browne's got endorsements from Jonathan Hickman, Zander Cannon and Felecia Day (as well as, you know, America's Most Beloved Comics News Site™), and a pretty good selection of bonuses for backers. In addition to the standard PDF/Hard Copy/T-Shirt levels, you can also snag a version of the book printed backwards, one that's printed upside-down and, most bizarrely, one that Browne has promised to rub his face on every page.

This is not a joke. It's the $73 dollar level.

There's also the option to get a t-shirt featuring Carl Winslow with grizzly bear arms, so I think you guys know what you need to do. For more, check out GodHatesAstronauts.com, but keep in mind that there are bits of this comic that could safely be called profoundly not-safe-for-work.

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