If you want to grab some value for your sketch-commissioning dollars, keep an eye out in artists alleys for illustrators like Ryan Dunlavey. Aside from his awesome indie work drawing Action Philosophers and Comic Book Comics alongside writer Fred Van Lente, Dunlavey has also contributed gobs of doodles to places like Marvel Comics and Wizard magazine.
After offering a limited number of $10 commissions earlier this year, he obviously squeezed some nice looking pieces out of his orders, a few of which he's shared on his Blogspot account. Dunlavey really knows his character designs and personalities, and that knowledge was more than evident in his old Wizard illustrations. His X-Force and Martha Johansson sketches demonstrate that much as well.

Whether he's doing up M.O.D.O.K., a Cobra B.A.T. or Taskmaster taking on Deadpool at a round of "Rock'em Sock'em Robots," Dunlavey always seems to get just the right amount of electricity into his subjects without spending too much time on clutterd, unnecessary lines. Have a look at a few of our favorite specimens down below.

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