Action figure collectors will soon be able to assemble Sailor Moon's core crew of Sailor Scouts. This September Sailor Jupiter will join Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus as part of Banai's S.H. Figuarts line. Like the other figures in the line, SJ seems modeled principally after the Sailor Moon anime that originally ran in the '90s, but it should still sit fine with readers of creator Naoko Takeuchi's manga and the upcoming Sailor Moon Crystal anime based on her art style.

Available for preorder for around $41 at Entertainment Earth and elsewhere online, the 6" tall figure will sport an  articulated pony tail and come packed with interchangeable hair parts, four interchangeable faces, five sets of swappable hands, and a unique display stand.

S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon is already available online, as are the Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars action figures. The Sailor Venus figure will debut in June. Still no word on whether Tuxedo Mask will join the fray, but if there's no movement there fans can always just ask florists for whatever wilting roses they're about to throw out and fling them around somewhere to fill the void. That's a totally normal way of dealing with stuff like this.