Following a few prototype displays at conventions such as SDCC 2013 this past summer, Bandai has rolled out official full-color images of its ever-expanding S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon line on the Tamashi Nations site. Joining the previously-seen Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury figures are Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars.

While the team of five scouts appears together in a new promotional image, Mars gets most of the attention since her figure is set to debut in December in Japan. Domestic preorder sites haven't begun listing the figure just yet, but given that Sailor Moon is going for about $43 and will debut in October, followed by Sailor Mercury for the same price in November, it's probably safe to assume that this figure will follow suit. As for the other scouts? Fans will likely have to wait until 2015 to add them to their collections. Given that this is essentially the first time Naoko Takeuchi's Sailor Scouts have been given proper action figures rather than minimally articulated fashion dolls since the manga series started in 1991, fans will probably be willing to be patient.

You can take a look at S.H. Figuarts Sailor Mars and more below.

[Via Tamashii]