It’s still a bit strange that we’re getting a third Spider-Man franchise already — the second reboot in three years, and the second reboot since Sam Raimi kicked off the franchise with 2002's Spider-Man. Following Marvel and Sony’s highly-anticipated deal to collaborate on the new reboot of the character, Raimi himself is weighing in with his thoughts on the deal and his faith in the future of Spidey.

Raimi was at Comic-Con to promote his new Evil Dead series for Starz, when MTV caught up with him to ask his thoughts about the Spider-Man reboot. Surprisingly, he’s a fan of Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man movies:

I saw [both Marc Webb movies], they’re great. And I’m really glad that Marvel’s taking it to high school. I think that’s gonna be refreshing, and just like my favorite of the Spider-Man comic-books. And I have a lot of faith that they really know their stuff… The difficulty of going through high school is so unique to a superhero. It’s unique and that’s what Spider-Man’s all about, so that they’re gonna explore that head on is very exciting.

These are all very positive and supportive sentiments from the guy who helped shape contemporary superhero storytelling. Before the MCU took over, Raimi and Bryan Singer had the leading superhero franchises and helped nurture our current obsession with comic book movies.

Raimi has since gone back to horror, producing the Ash vs. Evil Dead series, which brings Bruce Campbell back to reprise the iconic role of Ash. Webb has also turned to television, producing the new Limitless series and directing the first episode.

So far of the Spider-Man reboot, we know that Cop Car director Jon Watts is at the helm, with Tom Holland in the role of Peter Parker / Spidey. Holland will reportedly make his debut in Captain America: Civil War ahead of his own solo film. Marvel and Sony are eyeing the Vacation writing / directing duo of John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein to write the screenplay for the new Spider-Man solo film.

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