Captain America 3

What's It Like to Play a Superhero?
Chris Sarris is a normal dude from Cleveland, Ohio. Co-workers describe him as “the guy in the office that says ‘This is what we did’ when giving a presentation to the boss, even though he did all the work.” Chris also has a bit of a secret: He played Steve Rogers in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
Peyton Reed Didn’t Want ‘Ant-Man’ to Be in the MCU
The addition of Ant-Man was one of the best parts of Captain America: Civil War, and his self-contained solo debut was a far cry from the Very Big And Huge movies of the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ant-Man’s director Peyton Reed actually thought the the character’s narrative was too pint-sized for these other big superhero movies, and recently revealed that, had he had his way, Ant-Man wouldn’t have appeared in Civil War at all.
Captain America No Longer Captain America, Say Russo Brothers
Ahead of Captain America: Civil War's Blu-Ray release in September, The Huffington Post spoke with directors Joe and Anthony Russo to clear up some questions we all had at the end of the most recent Avengers installment. One of the final scenes of the movie is Steve Rogers putting down his shield, which made a lot of us wonder if that could mean he's symbolically giving up on his superhero alter-ego.
Black Widow and Cap Fight in Unused ‘Civil War’ Animatic
There are so many Marvel heroes in Captain America: Civil War that it almost feels more like a bridge between Avengers: Age of Ultron and Infinity War than a Cap sequel. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo did a fine job of juggling multiple characters and action set pieces, giving each hero a chance to shine — that was particularly evident in the airport sequence, in which we saw pretty much everyone fighting each other in various combinations. The one combo we didn’t get was Black Widow and Cap, but a new animatic from an unused scene gives you an idea of what that might have been like.
'Agent Carter' Talks Cap's New Love Interest, Hydra Twist
Marvel’s Agent Carter has expired in more ways than one after both Civil War and TV upfronts, but don’t take that to mean Hayley Atwell will say goodbye to the character just yet. Cap’s best gal is still in the loop, and Peggy is apparently none-too-thrilled by Steve’s familial choice of Civil War love interest, nor that headline-making comic reveal.
Chloe Bennet Calls Out Marvel Ignoring 'Agents of SHIELD'
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. paid the requisite lip service to Captain America: Civil War by last week’s ante-penultimate hour (also unintentionally eulogizing Agent Carter in the process), but series star Chloe Bennet appears to have had enough of the one-way street. “The Marvel Cinematic Universe loves to pretend that everything is connected, but then they don’t acknowledge our show at all,” Bennet opines in a new interview.
Old Spider-Man Tobey Maguire Praises New Spidey Tom Holland
Tom Holland has officially taken up the Spider-Man mantle for Marvel and Sony, but he’ll never replace Tobey Maguire in the deepest, web-covered corners of our hearts. Following his debut in Captain America: Civil War, the consensus among fans and critics alike is that Holland makes for a fantastic Spidey. You might even say he’s an…amazing…Spider-Man. And it looks like he has one very awesome fan in particular who knows a thing or two about web-slinging.
‘Civil War’ Filmmakers Reveal Two Scenes That Were Cut
After two phases of superhero films, Marvel’s filmmaking engine has become rather efficient, which is why you shouldn’t expect to see much in the way of deleted scenes when Captain America: Civil War eventually hits DVD and Blu-ray. Still, cuts are inevitable, and according to the directors and screenwriters, there are at least a couple of notable — if somewhat minor — moments that didn’t make the theatrical version.
What Marvel Got Right About Spider-Man (That Sony Got Wrong)
Oh what a different 18 months makes. A year ago, last fall Spider-Man fans were facing an entire universe of Spidey movies they didn’t particularly want; a third Amazing Spider-Man about the continuing and not-particularly-exciting adventures of Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker, plus spinoff movies for Venom and the Sinister Six. Things got so bad for Spider-Man that when rumors began circulating that Sony was considering an Aunt May movie, Sony had to publicly dismiss those rumors as “silly” with “no validity whatsoever” because people thought that the company that made Amazing Spider-Man 2 might actually be dumb enough to make an Aunt May movie.

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