Captain America: Civil War opens in theaters in just over a week and, to date, we’ve seen precious little footage of Spider-Man in action. Besides the “underoos” scene from the final trailer, Marvel has kept Spidey out of the spotlight, even erasing him from scenes that are in the commercials. That’s all changed as a new Captain America: Civil War TV spot has been released that gives you your first look at Spider-Man in battle, going toe-to-toe with Winter Soldier.

Despite the lack of Spider-Man in the marketing, there’s plenty of Spider-Man in the film; much more than even I was expecting. He’s not a major star, but he’s definitely a major part of that big airport battle sequence. The spot above only hints at his fighting acumen, but also his style of humor. As he’s swinging through the airport and taking on Team Cap, he’s also cracking jokes. We won’t say much more because there’s a lot to discover in the movie, but you all are going to enjoy this new iteration of Spider-Man, something we never thought we’d be saying about yet another Spidey reboot.

If you’re curious for even more Spidey, you might want to stick around through the credits. While the film’s mid-credits scene was included on early screenings, the post-credits scene was missing, saved for opening day. There has been some speculation that Spider-Man will return to tease Spider-Man: Homecoming, which begins filming this summer.

Captain America: Civil War opens in theaters on May 6.

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