The team you called when you wanted some pepperoni circa '91 will rise again in the form of an accessory-packed action figure this spring in Japan. Equally beloved/obscure '90s syndicated TV anime import Samurai Pizza Cats (a.k.a. Cat Ninja Legend Teyandee in Japan) star Speedy Cerviche will get his own 5" posable figure sporting 23 points of articulation. According to images, the figure will come packed with action-appropriate accessories such as two katana, multiple hands, a throwing star and a backdrop/stand featuring The Great Wave off Kanagawa. The figure even appears to come with a swappable facial expression (hopefully a wink). Though no price has been set, Tomopop speculates that around $40-50 USD (after Yen conversion) will ring this warrior's little bell. See more of the upcoming Samurai Pizza Cats action figure after the jump.

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