If you weren't familiar with Sara Pichelli's past work on "Namora," "Marvel Her-Oes" and other projects prior to joining Brian Michael Bendis in "Ultimate Spider-Man" #15 this week, you may want to get acquainted with the array of commissions and sketches she's taken on and decided to share with the Internet. She can draw a happy Hellboy well enough, but she's also got renderings of everyone from Geordi La Forge and Captain Picard to Emma Frost and The Punisher.

You can get a unique look into the kinds of scenes artists get asked to draw at shows from looking at the backlog of work on Pichelli's blog. Some lucky buyer out there was even able to nab an erotic rendering of Harley Quinn straddling The Joker. (If no one has put together a chart yet mapping the frequency of erotic Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy commission requests at the average comics show as compared to everything else, I'd love to see one made.)

Check out a few highlights we spotted below, and let us know what you thought of her Ultimate Spider-Man debut if you've managed to find a copy.

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