Scarlett's Curse #4 coverPress Release

Beginning with August shipping Scarlett's Curse #4, Praxis Comics is pleased to announce the additions of Alex Lei on pencils (Superman, Supergirl, Birds of Prey), Walter Geovani on layouts (Demons of Mercy, Sidechicks, War Angel Lady Death (covers)), Rob Lean on inks (Chastity, Lady Death, ThunderCats, Birds of Prey, Superman, Supergirl, The Flash) and Alex Guimaraes on colours (Disney, Pixar, Alias Comics, Blue Water Productions, Arcana and more).

"We really want to produce a book with dynamic action scenes!" states Trevor Landolt, Editor in Chief of Praxis Comics. "A bright and vibrant art style is what's needed to illustrate the struggle Scarlett is going through. That's exactly what the new art team delivers!"

"Scarlett's Curse is fast-paced. There's no time for melodrama or elongated self-discovery scenes," adds Jeanine Henning, Executive Editor. "However, with Lei and the team working on Trevor's scripts, we get both the action and the character's development as she deals with her inner demon - making this a perfect book to create and read that will never bore the audience. And yeah - the art is great!"

Demons from the Dark Ages have been set free once again to roam the Earth. However, this time it's different. This time, the Demons of The Senses have to fight against a new Guardian, Scarlett, who refuses to come to terms with her role and ever-growing powers from Hell. Fighting demons wasn't what she had in mind for her future, but when her best friend is abducted and the world threatened by the newly unleashed evil, she's left with no choice. Scarlett has to battle the demons one by one before they cast total chaos on humanity, and soon its a race against time to not only save her best friend, but also to stop the Master Demon and leader of the six demons from destroying the world and bringing Hell upon Earth...

Diamond Order Code JUN0763802, Scarlett's Curse #4 can be found on Page 333 - and for the second time running, Scarlett's Curse has been a 'Certified Cool' by Diamond! Make sure you let your retailer know you want to preorder this one. A new era of Scarlett starts right here, so don't miss out!

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