Scott Pilgrim: The Movie? Check. Scott Pilgrim: The Video Game? Check. Scott Pilgrim: The Album? Check. Scott Pilgrim: The Animated Short? Check. Scott Pilgrim: The Digital Comics? Check. Ramona Flowers: The Official ComicsAlliance Cosplay Guide? Check. Oni Press' multimedia empire is far-reaching and prosperous, but the original graphic novels remain the most precious little objects for fans of Bryan Lee O'Malley's morally flexible slacker, and they're getting some love in the form of a new slipcase coming in November (just in time for Scott Pilgrim: the DVD!)

Check out the box design and exclusive poster illustration after the subspace highway warp jump.Designed in glorious pixelvision by Paul Robertson of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game, the slipcase will be sold with all six volumes of Scott Pilgrim or, awesomely, by itself for the many fans who've already purchased the collection. Either way, you get a fold-out poster by O'Malley created especially for the box.