Chances are, if you were one of the thousands who downloaded "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game" from PSN last month -- and there were a lot of you, since it was the #1 downloaded game for the month of August -- you're probably not even reading this post since it seems to be one of the most addictive side-scrollers this side of "Double Dragon."

That said, when you gamers finally take a break from the button-mashin' action, you'll definitely wanna check out Paul Robertson's blog (and here, too). Robertson -- the game's lead animator -- has posted a slew of adorably awesome .gifs direct from the video game featuring some of the series most beloved characters at their most ass-kicking-ness. Yup, now you can have animations of Ramona wrecking shop with her hammer, Scott punching and Todd pulling a Tetsuo (which might be the coolest one of the crop) doing...well, whatever it is you kids do with .gifs these days.If this crop of .gifs isn't enough to make you cue up the game on your download list, check out our recent review of the game.

Snag a few of our favorite Robertson .gifs below:

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