Here about a year outside the Summer of Scott Pilgrim, most fans have settled their Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Blu-ray comfortably into their collections by now. Don't get too cozy, though, because T-Pain and Chris Brown's Scott Pilgrim homage-tastic new video for their "Best Love Song" collaboration is going to have you popping it right back into your player. Director Edgar Wright Tweeted about the clear riff on his adaptation of Bryan Lee O'Malley's comics story before blogging a fuller response yesterday. The bottom line? He's flattered! Or maybe he's just being civil in the face of a blatant rip-off? See what you think after the jump.Beginning with the caption "Friday night at The Moon," the "Best Love Song" video sets T-Pain and Chris Brown at odds over the affections of a young lady. Their Amp vs. Amp adventure is depicted on a poster that's a direct nod to Sex Bob-Omb's musical battle with the Katayanagi Twins at Ninth Circle. Turns out that the film house behind the video even reached out to SP VFX supervisor Frazer Churchill for authenticity (although he didn't work on this final product).

Happily for fans, Wright made it clear on his blog that he is "amused and flattered by this Pilgrim riff, even if it is lacking two snow dragons and a sonic yeti."

See if you take the new video as a homage or a rip-off below (and for the record, the best love song ever is actually Jeffrey Osborne's 1982 hit "On the Wings of Love" -- I love you T-Pain and Chris Brown, but you know it's true).

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