As much as most fans looked forward to the two "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World" movie soundtracks, Ubisoft's peripheral "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World: The Game" offered an equally -- if not more -- exciting batch of original chiptunes rock by Brooklyn's famed Anamanaguchi...that is, if you bought the game on the PlayStation 3. Aside from a few samples floating around online, the timed-exclusive of the PS3 port awhile back has made patient potential listners of Xbox owners and the consoleless alike. That all changes on August 24 (also the game's release date on the Xbox), when anyone with an iTunes account will finally be able to download the videogame soundtrack thanks to ABKCO Music and Records.

Anamanaguchi's done a pretty fantastic job of tiding over fans this summer by posting two-song singles every two weeks at its official Web site, but the "Scott Pilgrim" videogame sountrack is extra special for essentially acting as the band's third full-length in terms of dropping a significant portion of music all at once.

The other plus side of the full soundtrack going live on iTunes? You won't have to beat the game to hear the entire score. Seriously, not even Anamanaguchi have beaten it yet.

[Via Joystiq]

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